Thorium Wars Hits European DSiWare

A choice of no brainer action or lots of brain aching gaming is coming to DSiWare and WiiWare this week, with a SNES classic hitting Virtual Console.

Nintendo DSiWare – Datamine
(Enjoy Gaming Ltd., 500 Nintendo DSi Points)

You are the safety inspector at the largest data centre facility in the world. Unfortunately your laziness at work has created the biggest cataclysm of the wireless age: the loss of all mankind’s data. You have been chosen to retrieve the lost data and must go on a dangerous journey to try to recover them all.
Datamine is a great arcade action game where you control a robot and beam at data bubbles to split and catch them. Test your skills in 100 challenging levels. Grab equipment upgrades like speed boost, sticky shots and shields, break encrypted data and fusion bubbles who multiply when they touch others.
Nintendo DSiWare – Match Up!
(Digital Leisure Inc., 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

Flip, match and…kaboom! How fast can you find the right set in Match Up!? Whether you’re four or forty, Match Up! will have you captive for hours. Reveal shapes, colours and even hidden bonuses with a new take on a childhood favourite. Quick hands and a sharp mind are the only way to beat the clock and disarm the explosive cards riddled throughout.
Not quite ready for the explosive action? Then start with the absolutely addictive classic concentration play, and see if you can level up. So come on – get matching!
Nintendo DSiWare – Thorium Wars
(Big John Games, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)

You are tasked with stopping the Thorions, a super species of Thorium-powered machines, from destroying mankind. Blast through waves of Thorions by controlling an arsenal of tanks, skyfighters, hovercrafts, gunboats, and starfighters with either the standard or Touch Screen controls.
In twelve exciting missions, navigate through a variety of combat environments viewing 360 degrees of the battlefield, fully rendered in 3-D. Toggle between first and third person views to destroy the terrifying army of Thorium beasts ranging from swarms of Redeye Drones to the bone crushing Manticore Walker. Take control of the outcome in this man vs. machine extreme battle as Thorium Wars proves to be the ultimate test for the survival of the fittest.
WiiWare – Fenimore Fillmore The Westerner
(Revistronic, 1,000 Wii Points)

Welcome to the Wild West. Get ready to experience the fastest cowboy in action. Set in a typical far west town; look out for the grand saloon and sheriff office. Here you will meet the classical drunk doctor, the powerful “master of the land”, an industrious pioneer, men and women who, with their sweat and their tears, raised a great nation.
Do prepare yourself for the continuous fighting between the farmers and cattle ranchers. Whilst the farmers have traditionally won the favour of most people, the truth is that cattle ranchers have always had victory in their hands. With more money and men, they have always been a powerful opponent.
Only a cowboy as peculiar as Fenimore Fillmore has the gall to fight with the farmers. The rest of the cowboys were paid off by the cattle ranchers, making Fillmore the most merciless and sinister character around.
Virtual Console – RIVAL TURF!
(JALECO, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii Points)

Take back the streets with RIVAL TURF!, the classic two player SNES action game.
Clean up the streets in a fast and furious fight of incredible two-fisted, tag-team street-fighting action. Get your licks in with a range of attacks; from body slams and leg sweeps to jabs, hooks, uppercuts and more.
Go it alone in single player mode, fight alongside another player, or go head-to-head and toe-to-toe in the special Versus Mode. This could be the toughest fight of your life. Better start swinging now!

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