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Steam Deals: Sims 3, LEGO LotR, Terraria

Have you ever wanted The Sims 3, but thought it was a bit too expensive? Steam is having its usual Midweek Deals and one of them is The Sims 3 for just £7.50, the other is LEGO Lord of the Rings at 50% off.

You can still pay up to £29.99 for The Sims 3, it’s that price even on Origin, EA’s own digital download service which as most gamers know is just terrible. Anyway, thanks to Steam, you can get The Sims 3 for just £7.50 for the next couple of days until around 10pm or so on Thursday.

The other Midweek Madness deal is LEGO Lord of the Rings which you can buy for £12.49, that’s 50% off the usual price and appears to be the cheapest available at the moment.
Finally, Terraria is the Deal of the Day costing just £1.49, the 4-Pack costs £4.49, a saving of £1.47 so you’re almost getting a copy for free!

The Sims 3 with up to 66% off all DLC
LEGO Lord of the Rings