Wiimote Gets Plus Built-in

WiiRemote with MotionPlus extension
Image via Wikipedia

When Nintendo released the MotionPlus that clicked onto the end of your Wiimote and improved the sensitivity so that even the smallest of movements were registered, great for such games as Tiger Woods 10.
Now it has been revealed that a new Wiimote that incorporates the MotionPlus device are set to go on sale soon and because they’ve already used and patented MotionPlus, a rather less than impressive name has been used, Wii Remote Plus. What, not even Wiimotion Plus or Wiimote Plus? I guess the name doesn’t really matter, what matters is that it will be all one controller that will still have the ability to connect the nunchuck.

Although it will be launched in the standard white colour, the release of the black version of the console means there will also be, wait for it… a blue and pink edition, oh yeah, and black.
Four colours, one release date – November 5th.