YouTube App Arrives on PS3

I honestly had no idea, I know no-one who works for Sony on a personal basis and am not some pointless analyst who makes up stuff, but just five days ago, I tweeted something that I never thought would actually become a reality, until an official announcement.

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Rather than put up an image which could easily be shopped, there is the actual tweet. Look at the date and what I said, there is no way I could have predicted Sony Computer Entertainment Europe were releasing a YouTube app for the PlayStation 3 today. I’m not gloating because ‘I called it’, anyone could have, I just think it’s great that Sony are adding more apps and hope to see even more soon.
You would have needed to use the web browser before, but the app can provide more functionality:
User Experience:

  • User Interface Optimized for TV
  • Video Search
  • Ability to Browse and Search for videos while watching
  • PS3 Game Controller Support
  • HD (Up to 720p)
  • Content Flagging
  • Closed Caption
  • YouTube trending and popular video playlists

Smartphone and Tablet Pairing

  • Browse and search for videos on phone/tablet while watching on PS3
  • Fling videos to PS3 from smartphone or tablet
  • Control video with smartphone
  • Comment on phone while watching

Signed In Experience

  • Sign-In and Channel Guide
  • User’s liked videos
  • Watch later videos
  • User’s playlists
  • Subscribed channels
  • Search History

Obviously, you can’t upload videos via the app, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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