PlayStation Meeting 2013 – Live Blog

This will be the post with info about what happens during the PlayStation live event. At the moment, it’s just playing videos of various games and live adverts, once it starts properly, certain events will be posted here.

Andrew House takes to the stage to introduce the event…
And there it is, PlayStation 4 has been mentioned and now will we get any information that everyone has been asking questions about?!
Mark Cerney who appears to have quite the résumé, so let’s see what his input into the PS4 was…
System specs are being touted, only the 8GB Unified Memory is worthy of a mention, others were quite general. Now he’s just unveiled the new controller which has a touchpad, share button and lightbar to show who is which player. The controller makes use of a ‘stereo’ bar which acts as cameras to sense where the controller is.
8 x86-64 core CPU with GDDR5 memory, no specific details of the GPU, just that it’s ‘enhanced’.
Secondary custom chip which will allow background downloads and games being downloaded will be able to be played as they’re downloading.
[Update] More spec info:
The GPU contains a unified array of 18 compute units, which collectively generate 1.84 Teraflops of processing power that can freely be applied to graphics, simulation tasks, or some mixture of the two.
GDDR5 is used for this memory, giving the system 176 GB/second of bandwidth and providing a further boost to graphics
Game streaming now being shown where you even have chat, similar to existing services like ustream and
gaikaiCerney is introducing David Perry, CEO of Gaikai. This will all be about how Sony will implement the cloud.
Pressing the Share button on the PS4 controller will allow you to broadcast your game for others to watch and as already mentioned, chat with viewers. You can also let your friends take over the game if you’re stuck in a certain part by literally allowing them to play it for you.
Not just cross-play, but remote play will be possible as you’ll be able to carry on with a game on the PS Vita that you were playing on the PS4.
Looks like there will be a lot more video apps like Crackle and HULU, serious competition for Microsoft as they will most likely be free to use.
Seems we’ve had the technical part, been disappointed about no backwards compatibility and now to show off some games…
Killzone: Shadow Fall doesn’t seem all that impressive, it actually looks similar to something previously demonstrated years ago. Driveclub seems like a standalone mode from a Need for Speed game, I like my driving/racing games, but no matter how much he tries to sell it, I’m just not interested.

Sucker Punch show inFamous: Second Son. Looks pretty good!

Jonathon Blow, creator of Braid on stage to announce details of a 25 hour game called The Witness.

David Cage is showing off the technical capabilities of the PS4, lots more polygons and real time facial expressions.
Media Molecule have fallen in love with the Move controller and want you to create your dreams, they’ve done this by allowing you to use the controller to sculpt, build and control whatever your imagination will allow.
Yoshinoro Ono brought onto stage. Code Name Panta Rhei looks to be the technology engine Capcom will using for their PlayStation 4 games.
Yoshihisa Hashimoto of Square Enix takes the stage to announce their real time tech demo, Shinji Hashimoto takes over to announce a new unnamed Final Fantasy title.
Ubisofts Yves Guillemot talked for a bit, now Mr Smooth is talking about Watch_Dogs. Looks to be some kind of open world Heavy Rain/Person of Interest type of affair.

Chris Metzen of Blizzard says they’re going to take over the world with the PS4 with Diablo III.
Eric Hirschberg of Activision now on stage to announce a game from Bungie some of you may have heard about called Destiny.

And that’s about it. The only thing we didn’t see was a console… Although, there was a date, Holiday 2013.

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