Battle of Britain Simulator Hits Greenlight

It may seem strange that a Polish indie studio would create a game based on the Battle of Britain, but that’s what BlackMoon Design have done, called it The Few and put it on Steam’s Greenlight system.

The FEW allows the player to control squadrons of Spitfires and Hurricanes, whilst balancing factory and defensive resources (such as AA guns) with which to protect the cities and airfields of Britain. The game offers the opportunity to play through a historically accurate campaign.
2 Hawker Hurricanes and 5 Supermarine Spitfire...Steven from Blackmoon design states

“We’ve recently started the Steam Greenlight campaign about our incoming real-time strategy game “the Few”. It is based upon the Battle of Britain. Whilst the experts couldn’t find Spitfires in Thailand you will be able to find many in THE FEW.”

Have a few videos to see what it’s all about…

To vote for it, go to Greenlight in the Steam client and search for The Few or if you’re logged in online, place your vote at

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