Garfield's Wild Ride

I’m a big fan of Garfield, have been for years and in fact, even had the wallpaper at one point (real wallpaper, not on a computer desktop or other digital device) and enjoyed the first movie, then a new cartoon was released in the new, modern computerized 3D style… And it’s not too bad.

Garfield Wild RideThat’s where Garfield’s Wild Ride comes in, the theme tune is from the TV show and the graphics are based on the same visuals, so fans should feel accustomed by the look and feel of the game. There’s plenty to press on the start screen, so let’s go to Garfield’s Shop, shall we? This is where you can spend coins which have been collected in-game on things like clothing, background theme or even upgrades.
Garfield Wild RideThe game requires you to complete 3 missions per level, such as collecting a certain amount of coins and using items and all you have to do is travel as far as you can while collecting coins. Hitting obstacles will eliminate you completely and they way you do this is by touching the screen to go up and releasing to go down, if you’re wondering why that sounds strange, it’s because the game takes place in Garfield’s dreams.
Garfield Wild RideDon’t worry if you don’t make all three missions in the level, once you have done them, they stay ticked until completed. You’re given a bonus 100 coins for attaining all missions and then move on to level two, once the three missions for that level are complete, you move on to level three and so on.
It’s nice and simple gameplay, as before mentioned, you just touch and let go of the screen to go up and down to avoid big spotty bumpers, UFO’s and whatnot, one tip is to choose where to touch the screen, best tip for iPhone users is the bottom-left of the screen.
Garfield Wild RideOf course, the game gets progressively more difficult, sometimes, you get to a point where it’s near impossible to avoid an oncoming obstacle. One of the problems with the game is that it’s quite repetitive and the same pattern of coins recurs throughout.
Another problem can be when you think you’ve raised your finger off the screen sufficient enough for Garfield to fall, but instead, he rises, you end up crashing into something and the level is over. Sometimes, Garfield will suddenly float without a finger nowhere near the screen, not sure if that’s a slight bug or not.
Garfield Wild RideSo, what do you get for your sixty-nine British pennies? A game based on the visual style and characters of The Garfield Show where you have to float up and down, collecting coins and avoiding stuff. It’s that simple. A shop to buy stuff with coins you have accumulated while playing, but if you’re really desperate for that Astronaut hat costing 16500 coins or the matching Astronaut suit at just 25000 coins, in-app purchases are available starting from a permanent multiplicator 2x coins costing 69p to 1,000,000 coins for £8.99.
Garfield Wild RideThen there are the upgrade bonuses which cost 10,000 coins each for the first level upgrade, giving you extended time with selected power-ups or magnets to attract coins. Trophies are available to unlock when you collect enough hot-dogs, they don’t do anything, they just sit there, being displayed on a shelf, they add nothing to the game.
You can buy Special FX, this is the effect shown behind Garfield as he runs which is originally just a twinkly starry type of thing, but you could buy a rainbow effect and become nyan cat.
Garfields Wild RideYou get a free spin of a wheel every twenty-four hours which gives you bonus coins or hot-dogs and at the time of doing this review, Game Center didn’t seem to be working or nobody has played the game yet.
MGGoldIt was a surprise to see that Namco Bandai published the game (Anuman Interactive (under Microïds – Games for All label) co-published), but when you’re dealing with a well-known character, it’s only fair that an established company do the honours.
Should you buy Garfield’s Wild Ride?
It’s suitable for all ages (or at least, seven and above), you need just one finger to play it, it looks and sounds great (although, you may want to turn the music off after a while as it repeats too much) and is a game you can just keep going back to. So, yes, I’d recommend buying it as it will be 69p (€0.89/99¢) well spent this summer!

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