Nintendo 2DS is Not for You.

If you hate it so much, the Nintendo 2DS is not for you. Have you ever seen such whining about a product from people who aren’t even its target audience?

Good grief, so much hate over something that, as sensible-minded people have said, is actually a good idea.

There’s only one word I use to describe the inherently unnecessary disgust towards something that doesn’t affect them in any way, shape or form; moronic. Let’s break this down in to the idiotic comments made about the Nintendo 2DS.

“I don’t see the point of it, it doesn’t do 3D.” – Well, duh, sharp as a marble, aren’t you…
“It looks like a tablet.” – It does, yes, handy for playing on a desk/table/your lap.
“That’s stupid, it doesn’t fold.” – That’s because it doesn’t have a hinge, which Nintendo removed, Einstein.
“It’s not very portable.” – Look at the size of a 3DS XL when closed, it’s really not much smaller than the 2DS.

Those are just some examples of the kind of comments seen on Twitter, some from people who apparently ‘work in the industry’. Why all the distaste at something obviously aimed towards kids?

Surely you’re more professional and mature than that? It’s like, the reasons and comments are more childish than the product, I was almost feeling pity for these people, that their lives must be so disappointingly sad.

Nintendo 2DS 01 Nintendo 2DS 02 Nintendo 2DS 03 Nintendo 2DS 04

It’s not going to hurt you, threaten your very meagre existence, it’s something parents will buy for little Johnny and/or Jane and think the 3DS is still a little too expensive.

The 3DS retails for around £130, the 3DS XL approximately £170 on average, so don’t cry because Nintendo saw the reasons why parents were reluctant to buy a 3DS and created something more suited to children below the age of, say, twelve.

Another reason for creating the Nintendo 2DS as Nintendo (and many, many people have experienced) is so that younger children won’t have their eyesight damaged from using the 3D function for too long.

Then there’s the matter of broken hinges, I let my gaming daughter have a play on the 3DS and within 10 minutes, she had loosened the hinge by leaving it on the sofa and my other daughter almost sitting on it.

Kids can be quite heavy-handed, they don’t have the subtlety of older kids or adults and some just have no respect for anything, so while the haters may snub the 2DS and make lame jokes, Nintendo are on to a good thing here and despite the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 no doubt dominating the market this Christmas, the Nintendo 2DS will make quite an impact.

The Nintendo 2DS is not aimed towards you, so quit complaining.

Why worry about something you’re not going to buy when you’ll be orgasmic over your next-gen console? Then once you’ve played that for a day, you’ll be picking faults at how slow something is or how it doesn’t do that the way you expected.

Some people need to complain or be bitchy, like Roger of American Dad who would die if he wasn’t constantly being a douche.

If you’re going to complain that Nintendo are releasing something you don’t want to buy, you might as well complain about all the other companies who release products not directed at you.

I hear there’s a new Barbie coming soon, guys, quick, better get down to your local Toys R Us and start protesting.

If you do want to buy one and not just for your kid, but some will buy one for collector’s sake, the Nintendo 2DS is retailing for £109.99 (which I guessed correctly after seeing the announcement of $129.99), whether you pick the Black and Blue one or White and Red.

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