Space Hulk

Space Hulk is a game I normally wouldn’t have asked to review, the reason for that is because it’s a real-time strategy based on the Games Workshop/Warhammer board game and I stopped playing those even before I got into console gaming.

There’s a tutorial which goes through the basics of the game, now what you have to remember is, this is based on a board game, so when you see text saying you rolled dice, you have to realise it’s the way the game is played. They have taken the game from the table-top to the computer and instead of moving little intricately painted figures, you take control of computer animated characters.
Environments are brought to life with detail you would expect, from metal panelling of spaceships to the eerie glowing lights and character costumes look awesome. On-screen UI’s and HUD’s are nicely positioned, you find that some games put them in awkward places, Space Hulk has a nice layout which doesn’t hinder gameplay.
Being a newbie had me a little apprehensive and I felt like I would fail at any time, once I got through the tutorial, my confidence had a little boost. The graphics and animation is impressive and well done, so once you get the hang of how to use command points, you enjoy seeing your characters move and shoot when in combat.
To appeal to beginners, it’s quite user friendly, but it does have some terms you may not understand if you’ve never entered a role-playing realm of this nature. To have a proper, deep understanding of how games like Space Hulk work, you need to have been a dungeons and dragons type nerd for years, read many books and even been a successful Game Master.
None of those apply to me, but I do have limited knowledge and an ability to learn, what I am lacking is a sense of strategy. If you don’t know the basics of Chess, then give up all hope, one of the most important aspects of turn-based strategy games is right there, strategy. It’s all about positioning and preparing for a good attack, while able to defend at the right moments.
MGGoldOf course, as you progress through the game it gradually becomes more difficult, but you unlock things like something as simple as a new banner design. Unless you’re a bit of a Games Workshop nut, there is very little for you and not worth a moment of your time, fans of real-time strategy and turn-based strategy will have a field day.
As a modern take on an old style of gameplay, it could become a gateway into the Warhammer universe in terms of computer gameing. Obviously, the hardcore play it on table tops with nothing more than a bag of figures, a pencil and pad and a couple of dice, but if you took the time to sit there and really took it all in, it would enable you to achieve quite some competence.

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