GTA V Limited Edition Strategy Guide

Game guides don’t really differ, it’s pretty much the same format in every book regardless of the game it’s covering. The Grand Theft Auto V guide is just as extensive as every other guide, but this isn’t about the standard version.

The usual paper-back editions of guides have everything you need to know, from which weapons to use to the best way to complete a mission and that’s just what you get in the GTA V guide. Since there are three protagonists, they each get an introduction to who they are and what’s so special about them.
Trevor, Michael and Franklin each have their “Special Skill” which can be activated by doing certain things in the game. Each of them can achieve better skills and abilities by performing specific actions which is explained in the first couple of pages.
Stats on every weapon can be found, ranging from the pistol to projectiles and there are varieties of each gun category. Each Wanted Level is explained, telling you how you get the level, what the cops will do to you at each level and how to lose the wanted status. If you’ve played previous GTA games, it’s a bit different in how you evade detection.
Want to know all the Achievements and Trophies? The name, description, how many points or level of trophy and how you achieve them is in a handy table. Then you come to the interesting part, the map and locations, starting with Points of Interest. That’s just where all the shops and activities are which usually appear on the map when you discover them.
The great inclusion in the guide are images of where you can find things. Not just items to pick up, but where the Stunt Jumps and Aerial Challenges are, some are obvious, some you will miss. Once you’ve gone through all the vehicles, the many, many vehicles and their stats, the Main Story Walkthrough begins.
Step by step detail of how to complete each mission, along with what you need to do to get one hundred percent completion is there. The missions are in order in which you would play them, there are Hobbies and Pastimes, Random Events and Strangers and Freaks which is similar to when you would encounter a random stranger on the street and help them out.
Everything you can imagine is in the Grand Theft Auto V Strategy Guide. Hold on, this is about the Limited Edition guide… Besides having a hard cover, inside you will find some Character Illustrations at the back of the book, but the thing that makes it so much more limited is the lithograph which, to be honest with you, isn’t all that impressive.
The question is, should you buy the Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Strategy Guide or will the standard edition suffice? It’s unsure just how limited the Limited Edition really is, if you’re going to be thoroughly thumbing through the guide to have sat next to you as you play, the hard cover does help the pages stay open better.
It’s an excellent guide and receives top marks for being so, the lithograph doesn’t seem enticing enough to warrant more attention away from the standard edition. The character illustrations are certainly nothing more than eye-candy, so unless you bought a special edition of the game, it would only be fitting you should also get the Limited Edition Guide.

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