LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Available

Suddenly, on Twitter, TTGames says, “So, has anyone checked out the #LEGOMarvel PC demo yet?” and I’m too flummoxed to think straight. Luckily, someone I mutually follow asked for the link and once I composed myself, started downloading it.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo?
Where can I download it from?
You MUST tell us!

What’s that? Sorry, yes of course, you would like to download and play it too, silly me.
Click away, fine fellows and may your battles be fought with immense braveness…
Sorry, went all a bit Thor on you there…
[Update] The demo is now on Xbox Live, not sure about PSN as there doesn’t appear to be a link online, so just check on the PlayStation Store through the console.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is scheduled for release on November 15th, but only after The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release on November 4th.

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