Briquid Updated, Win an iPad Mini

iOS and Android gamers may have heard about Briquid, it’s a “quirky physics puzzle game with a bucket full of water” which has been updated to include an ‘undo’ button so many were waiting for.

Briquid details:

Briquid LogoBriquid is a catchy physics puzzle game available for iPad and Android tablets involving bricks, water and a lot of thought. Using swipe motions on the touch screen to build bricks and the tilt functionality, along with gravity, to move water, players must transport water from one part of the screen to another using only a certain amount of moves each time.
While this may sound easy, each level becomes increasingly more difficult, leaving even puzzle game gurus scratching their heads. Briquid features a nostalgic pixelated visual style with a soothing soundtrack and audio effects that sound like real flowing water. Once players have managed to achieve the already daunting challenge of reaching 100% in all 100 levels, an Expert Mode awaits them to put their puzzle skills to the ultimate test.

Gamious would like to celebrate by offering the chance to win an iPad Mini, you don’t even have to buy the full game to enter. You can download the free version which contains Level 15 – Topsy Turvy and all you have to do is complete that level and share it on the Facebook page (which you also need to ‘Like’).
Briquid is on sale for a limited time, so if you want the full version for just 69p, choose either the iOS or Android and get playing!
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