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Day One: Garry's Incident Internet Negativity

Hello sweet visitors of Mental Gamers, isn’t it a lovely Monday morning? Well, no. The weather is miserable outside and the developer of Day One: Garry’s Incident has decided to enforce copyright restrictions on YouTube critics.

YouTube LogoYouTube copyright has always been a fickle mistress, even now when you upload a videogame trailer, someone claims a copyright because they featured ten seconds of it in a news clip or review. This is somewhat a different matter, it’s not even about videogame content, it’s about negative criticism.
Not every game can be brilliant and there are certainly some less-than-average titles out there, but when you’re an indie developer who had a failed Kickstarter and pushed out a mediocre attempt at a game through Steam’s Greenlight, people will respond to it accordingly.
The CEO of Wild Games Studio has taken to YouTube to remove all critical reviews of Day One: Garry’s Incident and one of those was renown YouTube critic, TotalBiscuit. He uploaded a rebuttal to the decision by the developer and, in his typical style, delivered it in a way that would make any indie developer shake in their boots.

The backlash to this kind of idiotic response is only going to get worse. Many sites have already reported about it, the Metacritic page has received over three hundred negative reviews compared to the obviously fake twenty-eight positive reviews, most of which were made by accounts with only that review to its name.
Other YouTube personalities such as Nerd³ joined in with the fun by uploading his version of events, including mentioning TotalBiscuit’s video and the fact that it’s his job to review games on YouTube.

If you have Web of Trust installed in your browser and search for ‘Wild Games Studio‘, you will see a red circle next to the link to the official website. This is what happens when you get upset by something someone says after you have given them permission to, the negativity will multiply beyond comprehension.
This can only serve as a lesson to other indie developers who create something not as spectacular as they thought.