Tzunami Run Open Beta Available

Tzumani Run has been made available to the public as an open beta for you to download and give feedback. It’s a cel-shaded parkour game inspired by Mirror’s Edge which needs help to improve by receiving your input.

ParkourTzunami Run is just a working title which is also open for change if anyone has any suggestions for developer Alon Karmi.
Players traverse across rooftops in an effort to avoid the treacherous “Tzunami” waters below in this parkour-inspired adrenaline quest.
While the game is in Alpha testing stages, Alon has opened it to the public and encourages player interaction and feedback to help shape the experience going forward. The current version does not represent the planned final build of the game, as future planned features include:

  • Randomly generated enemies
  • More building types
  • A larger and more dynamic city to explore
  • Weapons

If you’d like to take part, you can download the alpha from here and follow the official blog here.