Privacy Cover for Kinect

Are you paranoid about your privacy? Worried that a secret agency will see what you’re up to 24/7? Feel safe with the Xbox One Privacy Cover, just the thing to cover the lens of your Kinect and stop those prying eyes!

Yes, that’s right, for only $19.99 you can have a piece of plastic connected to your Kinect 2 which slides across the lens to stop any potential unauthorised access in the event you watch an erotic movie on Netflix and get a little aroused.
Privacy Cover
Interworks Unlimited has created the Privacy Cover and gives a whole bunch of flimflam about aesthetics and taking control, but what it basically does it cover the lens.
That’s it. No need for blu tac or a bit of card folded over. Oh no, you need to buy something at an extortionate price because, you know, privacy and all that.
It’s a real thing which exists on amazon. No idea if a UK version will emerge, some suckers will probably want one.

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