Vote for Indie of the Year

Too many sites are multiformat or just about one format, that’s why I decided back in April to concentrate more on indie games and ironically, now indie seems to be gaining more attention from more blogs and sites.

A screenshot of Terraria gameplay.Desura is the major sponsor for the Players’ Choice Independent Game of the Year 2013 and is offering $15,000 in digital distribution prize money to the winners.
Indie GotY managed a record 78,000 votes last year that saw Chivalry: Medieval Warfare emerge as the champion, Terraria took the crown in 2011 with Minecraft as the indie game of 2010.

“Indie DB has grown massively this year, as indies continue their meteoric rise propelled by Sony, Microsoft and all publishers looking to score the next indie darling. Nominations have already started to pour in, and it is exciting to see the games jostling for a spot in the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December.” Said Scott Reismanis, the Founder of IndieDB.

You have until January 1st to vote for which game you think should win for 2013, Risk of Rain, The Stanley Parable, Rogue Legacy being among them in the running, hoping to gain your vote.
To get all the info and see which games are waiting for you to choose, visit Indie DB.