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Ninja Kitty Hooks Onto Mobiles

Ninja Kitty, a mix of a ninja and a cat, there’s almost no better combination and if you like casual games featuring a martial arts pussy, well obviously look no further and allow me to pass on some details.

Ninja Kitty details and features:

Ninja Kitty is a new casual mobile game which debuted in Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Japan and the Philippines and is now ready to take over the world. Put your ninja skills to the test as you run, jump, and slide your way past deadly traps and obstacles. Use powerful ninja warrior weapons to slice through hordes of minions and terrifying bosses on your way to victory!

  • Colorful and Adorable 3D Graphics
  • Non-Stop Action on a winding path
  • 5 Lush Environments to explore
  • 25 Exciting Levels – Earn the Master Rank in every one
  • Thrilling Boss Battles
  • Endless Mode for an infinite challenge – Compete with your friends
  • 150+ unique obstacles to hinder your path
  • Over a dozen weapons – swords, claws, staffs and more
  • 4 Unique Armor Sets
  • 5 Ninja Kitty Characters – Unlock them ALL
  • Swipe or Button controls – play how you want

I’m afraid I can’t give you any download links as there don’t appear to be any yet.