Steam Update That Hasn't Happened

When you participate in beta stuff, you can expect the odd update as things are constantly being fixed, what you don’t want is an update literally every day, especially ones that haven’t even happened.

The update (text from the pop-up box):
EDIT: actually, this hasn’t happened yet. The update will come out a bit later today. Sorry for the false alarm!
We have just updated the beta with the following changes:

  • add global setting to allow downloads during gameplay, and change the per-app settings to be global/allow/deny.
  • fix game updates not beginning automatically when you launch Steam
  • Don’t show shortcuts in Family Options setup in Big Picture mode
  • Fix filter not being maintained when switching to library in Family View
  • Fix redirection for blocked URLs in client browser when in Family View
  • Clarify behavior of “All the games in my library” in Family Options. That option has been renamed to “All Games” and when selected, access to the library is unrestricted in Family View. Library restriction UI elements such as the Family Games filter are not available when this option has been selected.

So, I’m not if or what has actually been updated.

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