Happy Wars Goes Free For All

In a twist that will surprise even the seasoned Xbox gamer, Happy Wars has received an 11th update which affects the game rules, modes, and leveling, but has also made it available to free Xbox Live members to play.

Silver members are limited to which modes they can play though, no multiplayer, missions or Treasure Map which sounds like pretty much everything.
Happy Wars

Happy Wars update includes:

  • Added a new game rule: Bounty Hunters.
  • Happy Wars is now playable by Xbox LIVE Free members.
    All game modes are available, except for Multiplayer, Missions, and the Treasure Map.
  • Training Mode has been changed into Skirmish Mode.
    Skirmish, unlike Training, gives players score, items, and Happy Stars.
  • Item Level-Up mechanism has been changed.
    Items now have an “Item Experience point” value. Items gain experience through “Item Level-Up” as before, but can also gain experience by being used in Multiplayer.
    When the item accumulates a certain amount of experience, it levels up.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the game from progressing in “Castle Defense” mode.
  • Fixed various other known issues.