MG FreePlay: The Plan

Hello and welcome to a new thing. MG FreePlay will be a feature piece on something new that was played, but is off the radar and more importantly, is free to play. We’re not just talking MMO’s here, free games in general, although, some may be a MMO.

Also, this is not a review in the sense of giving it a score at the end, it’s just a feature to let you know about something you may never have heard of or seen before. There may even be a video if it’s possible to record one, so anyway, that’s the introduction.
The Path
The Plan is something which is not strictly a game, it’s a side project from Krillbite Studio that puts you in the body of a fly and as that fly, you’re able to experience a moment of its life. Your task as the fly is to… fly. You can search for some philosophical understanding of the psychological behaviour behind the existence of the fly’s purpose in the universe or you can just use the WASD keys to direct it to its destination.

If you’re interested in trying it out yourself, take a look at the Steam page.