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Thief, The First 17 Minutes

How would you like to watch the first 17 minutes of the brand spanking new Thief game? You would? That’s handy since an official source has made such a video available for you to watch and it’s the Lockdown mission.

Some info:
This short transitional mission takes place immediately after the tutorial at the very beginning of the game After a heist gone horribly wrong; Garrett has to make his way to his hideout in Stonemarket Clocktower. Along the way, he happens upon a jewellery store. Garrett being who he is (The Master Thief), you can see where this is going… He can’t help but break in and steal shiny things.
The mission was chosen to show what are the main strengths of the game and without spoiling anything major about the plot. You can either watch the video below (where it’s nice and big, unless you just make it fullscreen anyway) or visit where you can read an interview with Marketing Coordinator Jean-Philippe Chicoine.

Thief will sneak on to the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on February 28th.