Warside Gets a New Trailer

Warside from Kraken Games has had a new trailer released and with that trailer comes a lovely fact sheet. So, I won’t bore you with anything else, sit back, read the fact sheet and watch the trailer. Enjoy!

Set against a futuristic backdrop of three powerful rival factions attempting to dominate the galaxy, Warside is a balanced mix of platformer, shooter and RPG where team co-ordination is essential for success on the battlefield.
Players will be divided in to leagues, depending on the level of their character, to ensure battles are fair and balanced and where the outcome is determined by skill and tactics rather than having all the best weapons and perks. Once players progress to a certain level within their league, they will then be ‘promoted’ to the next league up where they will then gain access to a variety of new skills and equipment, making their character more powerful for the challenges ahead.
As with all great online multiplayer shooters, Warside will launch with a variety of PvP and co-op battle modes to challenge players skill and teamwork to the limit:

  • Team Death Match (PvP): two teams go head-to-head in an arena with the first to reach a certain number of kills winning
  • Point Capture (PvP): a variation of ‘capture the flag’, several Control Points are scattered across a level with points earned by capturing and controlling them. The first team to reach a certain number of points wins the match
  • Resource Gathering (PvP): boxes with various resources spawn randomly throughout different parts of the level. Locating them and returning them to your base earns points for your team with larger and rarer resources bringing more points but requiring teamwork to move
  • Artifact (PvP): A single Artifact randomly spawns on the map with any player holding it earning points for their team. Their teammates must protect them in order to maximize the number of points earned while their opponents must work to relinquish the enemy player of the Artifact by any means necessary!
  • Dungeon (co-op): teams must run a deadly gauntlet of rooms and areas filled with waves of enemies, automatic turrets, flying drones, traps, snipers and kamikaze drones to name but a few!
  • Survival (co-op): hold an objective against relentless waves of enemies with each wave stronger than the one before it. With each wave survived the level of reward incrementally increases

As showcased in the new trailer, players can choose one of five classes, each with their own preferred weapon types and gadgets. The classes in full:

  • Defender: Tank class. High armour and defence. Preferred weapons: machine gun, handgun. Gadgets: stationary shield, extended shield
  • Assault: Main damage class. High attack capabilities. Preferred weapons: assault rifles, melee. Gadgets: rocket, stationary turret
  • Infiltrator: Damage class with some control abilities. Preferred weapons: sniper rifle, shotgun. Gadgets: poison dart, stunning trap
  • Destroyer: Damage class focusing on area damage. Preferred weapons: rocket launcher, flamethrower. Gadgets: grenade, mine
  • Medic: Healer class, specializing in keep teammates alive. Preferred weapons: charger, sub-machine gun. Gadgets: charging grenade, charging station

If you need any more information, you could always visit the Warside Greenlight page.