Pure Pool Goes Next-Gen Indie

Pure Pool could be a contender for Pool Nation’s crown of the best console Pool game. VooFoo Studios are bringing the game to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC through publisher Ripstone and promises to give the most authentic experience yet.

Pool Nation is amazing, great graphics and superb gameplay. Pure Pool looks like it could beat it, although Hustle Kings was quite spectacular, VooFoo have improved immensely upon it and are bringing something truly next-gen.

“We plan to set the bar on digital pool higher than ever before with Pure Pool,” says Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios. “Since the success of Pure Chess and Hustle Kings, we wanted to follow-up with an even better game for next-gen systems—one that would truly emulate a real experience, and captivate both pool fans and the general gaming populace alike.”

Pure Pool info and features:

Whether you wish to hone your skills solo or weigh up against the competition Pure Pool has been built from the ground-up on the premise of connecting players. As a result the game will immerse you in a living, breathing pool hall, with all the buzz and vibrancy of a real pool-playing environment!
Pure Pool also offers live online Multiplayer so you can compete against worthy opponents in both head-to-head matches and in global online leagues. As if that wasn’t enough; Pure Pool will also track your individual gaming-style, creating a unique DNA profile as you play. You can even play against an AI rendition of your friends and foes when they’re not online.

  • Photo-realistic graphics and detailed visuals
  • Live online Mutiplayer
  • DNA-profiling allows players to compete against the play-style of their friends or foes anytime
  • A fine-tuned physics engine for super-smooth gameplay
  • Bustling pool hall for an immersive pool experience
  • The most authentic pool experience players can get outside of real life

If you’d like to find out more about Pure Pool, visit ripstone.com/#games.