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Tokyo Dark Trailer Released

Tokyo Dark is an indie 2D adventure game which has recently launched on Steam’s Greenlight and also has a new trailer for you to watch, as revealed by Cherrymochi today.

Game info:
Tokyo Dark sees players step into the shoes of Detective Itō. When her partner goes missing, what seems like a straight-forward missing person case soon spirals into a twisted nightmare.
Tokyo Dark combines the cinematic decision-making of Heavy Rain with a slick 2D interface, stunning and stylised artwork, and an unnerving horror story exploring the underbelly of a near-future Tokyo.
The story confronts the darker side of the city: suicide, child idols, institutionalised sexism and increasing nationalism.
Jon Williams moved to Japan in 2009, taking just one backpack and enough money to survive for a month, but, in 2011, the tragic Tōhoku earthquake and nuclear disaster changed everything. He decided to stay in Japan and write a new story.

“I wanted to reflect on the way Japanese society deals with trauma,” he explained. “Having experienced the disaster first-hand, I feel the team at Cherrymochi are in a unique position to tell this story.”

Tokyo Dark

“Tokyo Dark places everything in the player’s hands,” said Williams. “Don’t take care of detective Itō`s sanity and start telling other characters that you’re seeing things? You’re going to end up institutionalised. Start firing your gun in the middle of the street? You’ll soon be locked up. We’re really focusing on making sure your choices matter.”

The completed game is scheduled for release in 2016, for now, you can vote for it on Greenlight where it will hopefully launch for PC and Mac.