Ditch Your PS3.. for Just $100?

I have heard little praise for Microsoft’s Xbox One, so little that I can honestly not remember seeing someone say a good thing about it, although the games have had praise, the fact the console seems to crash often detracts from the quality of the games.

I will admit to being pro-Xbox when the Xbox 360 was launched as I just didn’t like the PlayStation, specifically the controller (I still don’t like it), in fact, I didn’t own a PlayStation 2 until around 2010 and that was only because I started getting review copies of games for it.

I only really wanted the PlayStation 3 because of its Blu-ray capabilities, but then PlayStation Plus was announced and BOY was that a game-changer.

I had long been considering the worth of Xbox Live, I was literally getting nothing for it, just the ability to play online and have access to apps on the console. I very rarely played online, so I was just paying to access apps that I could do so for free on the PlayStation 3, so I let the subscription run out and never renewed it.

 Anyway, getting side-tracked… Recently, Microsoft sneaked out an ad which was caught by people, it claimed they would give you $100 store credit towards the Xbox One. Let me just say why MS can go screw themselves:

  1. Only $100? (approx £60) My PS3 is in great condition, it’s worth 2x that.
  2. Why would I want to when I get great games and cloud space on PlayStation Plus?

Microsoft are playing catch-up this generation. They’re still relying on their main gimmick, the Kinect to sell the console and to be honest, it’s just not working. The PlayStation 4 has a lot more to offer and so does the PS3.

There is no way I would get rid of my PS3, even if M$ offered to give me a free Xbox One with every available game right now, maybe if they offered Xbox Live and free games for life…

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