Unemployable SEO

It happens to everyone, especially if you have your own website or a Linkedin profile, spam from apparent “SEO Specialists” saying that they can improve your SEO enter the spam folder of your email account. You wonder why it went into the spam folder if the person or company contacted you directly, then you check the URL of the website they’re supposed to be representing and understand why.

When the website fails both SEO AND Web of Trust, you know that the person either probably doesn’t really exist or the Canadian version of Linkedin has a serious problem.

Why Canadian Linkedin? That seems to be where 90% of the spam comes from, ca.linkedin.com/…, even though the “SEO” website the employee supposedly works for can have a localised domain (.co.uk, .com.au, .co.nz, etc).

The tip here is obvious, don’t trust anything in the spam folder unless you know for sure who it’s from and it was a mistake or check out the details of who it’s from by doing the usual Google search.