GA: Sorry Sven, It's Not You…

…Well, it kind of is. I had to complete a task that I had started a couple of hundred hours ago in the game, Boethiah’s Calling which is the one where you need to have someone follow you, tell them to touch a pole (oo-er missus) and with a specific blade, sacrifice them.


After a quick reference to whom would be the victim, Sven was the one I was least likely to re-use as a follower because apparently, his skill level caps at 20, a swift backhand from a Frost Troll would see him off before he could whip his sword out.

The fact that his Class is a Bard also means he’s pretty useless in combat, unless he knows any songs of death. He is, overall, a low level character of very little purpose, an ideal candidate for sacrificial rituals!

The other quest I finally finished was The Black Star, you know, where you have to enter the Broken Azura’s Star and ‘cleanse it of Malyn Varen’s soul’ which is extremely difficult until you reach a high enough level or have a weapon that can do a lot of damage to kill him as quickly as possible.

I gave it to Nelacar who, once you defeat Varen, turns the Azura’s Star into a Black Star which is then capable of trapping souls for you to put in soul gems and if you don’t know how to use Soul Gems yet, go to my favourite source of information (of which I’ve linked to throughout this blog post), The Elder Scolls Wiki.