Urbz get mass effect of hurt locker

I was looking at the list of backwards compatible games for the Xbox 360 and thought I’d see about getting some old titles at bargain prices. A little warning though if expecting to pay as little as possible, don’t go to CEX unless you like paying around 1.5-2x the price you could probably pay in somewhere like Gamestation.

what I got today

I’ll admit, as I have already done in the past, to being an unashamed Sims fan and so was surprised to see The Urbz: Sims In the City for just £3.50 when most of the prices for pre-owned games in CEX start from around £4 for the old ‘decent’ stuff, some pre-owned games in there cost more than you can buy them new for… Mass Effect, yeah I know, the second game has just come out, I know I’m late, but hey, I’ve never really considered it before due to their being no demo and wasn’t gonna complain for the Classics version which has a bonus disk and cost just £7.99 from Gamestation (online).

The Hurt Locker is something I’ve mostly heard good about and as it was only £6 from ASDA today (may not be that price from tomorrow), I reckon it’s worth a blast. District 9 was competely not was I was expecting, yet was rather good and only cost £7.