Gok Wan hits Birmingham

Most UK TV viewers (and maybe some overseas viewers too) have heard about Gok Wan and his duckling to swan program, How To Look Good Naked in which he takes a pretty drab woman, gives her some confidence and a makeover and then unleashes them onto unsuspecting (well, maybe not since we all now know that the woman drops her robe at the end, giving a cheeky brief ‘behind’ shot) public that happen to be wherever they’re shooting and are basically encouraged to be part of a supporting crowd as she and models parade up and down a catwalk in some kind of fashion show.


Whilst walking into the Bullring, a booming voice could be heard and with an incling of who it could be, carried on walking to find Gok Wan jeering on the crowd as models were walking down the catwalk.

Gok talking

I’ve been to several Most Haunted Live events and so am quite used to how ‘live recording’ (they record certain bits before it goes live like the ‘welcome’ intro), but due to the crowd not being lively enough, it had to be shot again for sound reasons.

Gok encouraging

Ruth, the ‘contestant’ is blurred in the pic since she was doing her little turn on the catwalk while Gok was giving her encouraging words and getting the crowd to give some cheers.

It was a nice experience and a surprise to get to see Gok Wan in person, glad the kids had a day off for teachers training now!

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