Unpacking and setting up R4 SDHC

After not being able to use my R4DS for some time due to kids taking over possession, I thought it would be best to invest in an R4 SDHC so that I can use my 4GB Micro SD card with my backed up stuff on which includes a bunch of apps, pics and other bits and bobs.

The box is about half the size of the old R4 one and the adapter is different to the one I had before, still got a protective case which I’ve never used or seen the need to use since the cart is in the DS most of the time anyway and as a bonus, I added a pic of my Micro SD card which is the one I’ll be using.

Now here’s a vid of how to set it up…

Sorry, I can’t provide any technical advice or give anymore detail that’s already provided, I try to cover as much as possible by taking things step by step, if it doesn’t work for you, I have no explanation… The video shows that what I do works (except the DSKiosk ROM launching which I admit to not working and don’t know how to fix) and downloads provided are virus, adware, spyware, whatever free (they were scanned by me using MS Essentials and MediaFire also scans the files when they’re uploaded).

By the way, this is a proper genuine post from a proper blog typed out by a real human, not another one of those shitty spam blogs with posts like ‘Requirement of cheap r4i in the market’ or ‘Knowing more about cheap r4i’ that are a pain in the ass taking up webspace and should just FOAD!