More overpackaging fail

I’ve been on a bit of a spend lately with recent purchases including a Creative ZEN X-Fi2 8GB (X-Fi2 US version) of which I’m happy about, but would be a bit happier if the radio was stronger.
Anyway, that’s not what the post is about, it’s to do with one of my little rants I have now and then about how stuff has too much packaging, last time it was amazon that overpacked the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 as posted here, now it’s‘s turn.


…and that’s just the box the postie gave me.
Open parcel
..inside, there was a jiffy envelope of which was cut in half for ‘padding’, if it was whole, it could have possibly contained the product that I had purchased…
Pro Duo
..but hold on, it seems not only do overdo it with the packaging, so do SanDisk. I mean, what’s the point in putting all that packaging around something that is only around 3cm long, 2cm wide and about 1mm thick?!
So there you have it. I’m not one of these green eco-warriors desperately trying to save the planet, but I do care about excess and recycle whatever I can to do my bit, just a pity businesses aren’t doing the same.