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Xmas No.1’s .. and Jack Thompson .. and Breasts

Well it seems the ‘race’ for the Xmas No.1 music-wise was won by Rage Against the Machine, not really that much of a surprise since it was on sale for quite a while before X Factor winner Joe McElderry and yet, RATM seemed to only win by about 50,000.

Maybe if they’d have been released at the same time, they may not have won and Joe would be number one in the charts, I’m not bothered either way since I like RATM and already have the song due to having their album with it in.

I think the best person won X Factor and his version of The Climb was done very well, of course he’s just another product of reality TV, that’s what it’s all about and it’ll be some years before he can break away to be his own person to do what he wants to, but it will still be a while before he has an album out anyway.

On to more important issues, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 won the all format videogame wars this year to be the top selling Xmas number one and how sweet has it been to not have to listen to drivel from our old friend, Jack Thompson?!

It was a momentous day when he was basically told to STFU after some pretty threatening comments to higher legal officials which got the ambulance chaser disbarred in Florida, but seems to have moved on to Utah in some effort to try and have a voice against something or other.

Despite that being good news, it appears that a Christian group is asking for MW2 to be banned due to the apparent hardcore violent nature of the game that goes beyond the limits of today’s “desensitized age”, the group is based in Maine of which anyone hardly hears about in the news, so at least someone is doing something there.

As for babes, only one has caught my eye this year and only a few days ago too, she goes by the name of Erin Berlin, has apparently only been in one film, but doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence yet except this pic…

Erin Berlin

And that’ll do as a nice finish to this post!