How not to save the planet

It’s all very well recycling stuff, it’s something I do by putting recycable stuff into a bag that gets collected every week, but let’s see how someone like Amazon aren’t exactly helping (this also applies to any other companies that like to over-package stuff).

1. Check the dimensions of the box

Nothing like a big box arriving, kinda like Xmas come early, so let’s open it…

2. Lots of brown paper cushioning

No need for bubble wrap it seems, just a load of brown paper to keep whatever is in the box safe from any bumps and knocks, so what’s the product in the box?

3. Paper removed to reveal the contents.

What was the point in all that paper? It wasn’t even wrapped around the product in the way oversized box, product box dimensions are 9″ (23cm) high, 7.5 (19cm) width and 3.5/8″ (8.5cm) depth. Compare those to the measurements of the box and you’ll see that you would be able to fit at least 10 Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000’s in there.

4. Trying to keep it minimal.

Logitech are pretty good with their packaging, but still manage to bulk things up a little too much, the packaging for the webcam could have been reduced by around a quarter.

5. What all the fuss was about.

There isn’t a lot to the actual product which is why there still needs to be some kind of law about unnecessary over-packaging, not just of the box retail companies ship stuff in, but the box of the product that manufacturers package their goods in. In cases like this, it isn’t the packaging that sells the product, it’s the fact that it’s probably still the best webcam around due to it’s review scores, capabilities and the Carl Zeiss lens… oh, and the price of the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 Webcam is only £49 (at time of posting as it seems amazon like to change the price of stuff every day, so it could be higher or lower than £49 if you’re reading this on any other day after it was posted), making it quite affordable for everyone!