The Sky has fallen

Well, I first subscribed to Sky satellite television back in 1996, it was great to have so many channels and especially the foreign ones like RTL and Pro-7 which gave us great softcore porn that had to be paid for in the UK.Sky 1996 pamphletBut now the time has come to cancel the subscription to the service that raises £1 every year for shit channels that nobody wanted or asked for and will probably never even be watched. I rang up to cancel, spoke to a guy for about 2 minutes, got put on hold for 2 minutes and got cut off, then when I called back and was connected to a rather sweet sounding woman called Helen, she said she would let the manager know about what had happened since it appears I had apparently not replied or something. Yeah, well done dufus, you say, “Let me just put you on hold” .. “Ok” .. *slience for another 2 minutes … brrrrrrrr* and I’m the one that’s not replying or saying anything, dick.

Well as nice as it was talking to her, I just wasn’t going to change my mind about cancelling since we can get a better deal from Virgin Media. Yes, I know blah they’re crap blah customer service wiffle, but to be honest, never had a problem with them, am I really the only person I know not to have had a problem with anyone or anything? Anyway, went through the usual efforts to try and keep me as a customer, even offering a refurbished Sky+ box for £30 and installation for £30, which if I wasn’t cancelling, would never have known about and very likely never offered. Over 30 minutes later and I finally get to cancel, but as I forgot about having to give 30 days notice, it will cancel on December 10th, meaning I have to pay for another month and ask for a refund of the credit I’ll be due after it’s cancelled.Sky 1996 Pamphlet insideSo, as from November 20th, we’ll be paying £41.50 a month for the Broadband XL, phone and L TV package, cheaper than what I could get it for with Sky, mainly due to having to pay for a BT landline and although Sky can offer free line rental, it wouldn’t be until the 12 month contract with BT ended, so for now, I’m happy with that and it’s gonna save a whole lot of money.

Just in case you’re wondering, the images are of the pamphlet I got when first subscribing to Sky back in November 1996.