The day I lost my virginity

Yes, it was last night and what better way of losing my Xbox Live virginity than to a female!

I’d previously subscribed to Xbox Live, but never actually played online with someone (I played the Test Drive Unlimited demo which was apparently online, but didn’t know at the time). It wasn’t until I was bullied… I mean, asked to play Rock Band with my gaming partner last night that I finally got to play with someone online.

I’ll admit I was a teensy bit nervous, dunno why considering who I was playing with, but it was a whole new experience for both of us and we loved it. Since I’m hopeless at vocals (I get less than 95% on easy with half of the songs), my main strength is guitar and bass and since I don’t have the drumkit, that’s all I can do. Not only that, but due to time differences, we don’t usually stop playing until 4-5am and that means I can’t exactly do anything too loud or I’ll wake the rest of the house up.

We’ll no doubt play other stuff in the future which will certainly include Rock Band 2, but for now, we do all kinds of crazy shit and every day is something different.