Amazon, of fail & win

I ordered a set of Sennheiser CX300 Eco Ear Canal Headphones Black last week and they were delivered this morning. As mentioned on amazon, “Packaging made from 78 per cent recycled paper, 100 per cent recyclable, NO plastics, NO glues“, note the parts in bold.

Oops, now I’m sure they didn’t mean to put the box in a plastic bag now did they?! I mean, this is supposed to be Eco packaging of which can be completely recycled, the rest seems ok, but what’s this…

Oh dear, someone has accidentally used sticky tape to seal the plastic bag, would that constitute as glue?

I think it does and not only that, a naughty vandal has defaced the bottom of the box and main packaging with stickers…

Now why would someone go and do something like that? 🙁

I know it’s only a bit of plastic and ‘glue’ and this post is only meant in jest to be pedantic about what’s said is one thing, what’s done is another, but it would be better if they mentioned the fact that there could be ‘other’ packaging involved.

That’s the fail part, now for the win.

Amazon have deals of the week, something I’ve never really taken notice of … until today.

I said to someone a while ago that knowing my luck, I would go and order the House boxset from zavvi for £50, only for it to drop about £10 a week later. So, I didn’t and decided to wait and see if it became cheaper … and it did. Amazon have it as a ‘deal of the week’ for just £41.97, so before it inevitably goes up in price once it starts selling (amazon have a habit of raising the price of items that sell well, even in sales), I’ve ordered it and should hopefully get it delivered by around Friday/Saturday.

3 posts in one day, must be some kind of record… 😮