A grand day out

Had a rather nice day out today by going into Birmingham to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets of which, there are bits in the trailer that were different to the film that I can’t be bothered going into right now due to being tired.

Cinema Ticket

Anyway, I enjoyed it, it’s a good action/adventure film of which was worth sitting through half an hour of adverts and trailers and then 2 hours of film. I’m a fan of Nicolas Cage, but was surprised to see some other top names in there like Helen Mirren, Diane Kruger, Ed Harris, Jon Voight and Harvey Keitel that made the film that bit more worthwhile. The only moan I have about it is that the quality was pretty crap, considering it’s a film that only launched in the UK last Friday and has been played less than 20 times, it had a green line running down it a couple of times and the picture actually flickered, I thought cinemas were better quality than that, especially Odeon cinemas.

After seeing the film and going to get something to eat, we had a walk around and took a look in zavvi who had a bloody good priced Family Guy season 1-6 boxset at £65, it’s an exclusive boxset which contains just the DVD’s in their slim cases, but hey, it’s a darn good set. I went and added a new 7″ pictured vinyl to my small collection, this time it was Alter Bridge – Ties That Bind / The Damage Done and for £3, I just had to get it.

It was a good day out of which we all enjoyed, made a change from sitting around the house all day…