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Blue Harvest is on its way!

I pre-ordered Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest (Ltd Edition) from backBlue Harvest on January 7th and I got an email today to say it has been dispatched! I’m not sure if it’s even been shown on UK TV yet since it doesn’t even get advertised that it’s being shown.

I think it’s on BBC3 at some unknown hour (usually around midnight or later), but never gets advertised on BBC1 or BBC2, which means it doesn’t get the exposure to the UK TV viewing audience it deserves.

FG Blue Harvest set

I’ve been looking through my DVD collection and noticed that I really don’t have as many as I thought, so this year, I’ll be replacing as many of my VHS films as I can and even films I’ve recorded off the TV (Sky Movies type films). I’ve noticed quite a few of them I can get in bundles/double/triple/boxsets, so at least it won’t cost too much!