It's cold season

It’s that time of year where no matter what you do, you inevitably catch a cold off someone just in time for Xmas and so feel like crap.

Thanks to those that have clicked the MyMiniCity link, I’ve clicked on those left in the comments in return, my city now has enough population to move onto the next stage in the process, the building up of the industry part.

Due to feeling like crap recently, I’ve been playing the GTA games again, mainly GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA San Andreas, once I’ve finished the PC versions, I may try out some mods for them to extend the gameplay a bit more, I don’t really feel like doing much else because of this cold making my head a bit numb.

I’ve never been too good with the common cold and it hits me pretty hard every time, so it’s yet another 2 weeks of feeling like shit time.