Pretty exciting TV

I don’t normally blog about TV unless it really is something I want to mention and this week has been pretty exciting.

Chuck – Sarah, who does she answer? Bit of a cliffhanger with this one, does she go off for adventure and excitement with Bryce or stay and protect Chuck?! Find out next time!

Bones – “The moment you’ve been waiting 3 years for!” Major fanatics have wanted Bones and Booth to get it on for ages, although nothing serious happens, it’s one hell of a passionate kiss. And what’s with the Christmas episode already?

House MD – YES! OH YES! Cut-throat bitch iiiiiiiiiiiiiis oooooutta here! And about time too. If there’s one character in a TV program I disliked, it was her. She was almost gone last week, but now the decent thing has been done and she’s finally been fired. Glad 13 is being kept though, she be babe!

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