Sony release dusty PS3 pics

Oh my …. is the guy that expected Sony to repair his PlayStation 3 an idiot? Is he seriously vision impaired or something? Who did he think he was kidding when he claimed his PS3 wasn’t as dusty as Sony said it was?

Dusty PS3

Apparently, although dust isn’t a direct cause of the voiding of the warranty, it falls under neglect which is covered in the terms and conditions. For example, in the Nintendo Wii System Setup manual on page 40 (UK version), in the exclusions it says; • defects in the Product that are caused by accidental damage, you and/or any third party’s negligence, unreasonable use…. I imagine it also says that in the PS3 manual/documents somewhere, maybe he should take a look.

Because of failing to maintain a certain degree of cleanliness of the ‘Product’, it’s not covered by the warranty, so to put it bluntly, shut the fuck up and keep your shit clean.

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