Most Haunted Live Tatton Park

Well, getting there wasn’t a problem, except for both the Google maps and the Navnav both saying we had to turn right at a ‘no right turn’ junction, meaning we had to carry on a bit further up the road and turn around.

I forgot to take some ID, which meant that the woman giving out the wristbands wouldn’t let us have one, but we stayed there in the event of a possibility of still getting in and it paid off. We eventually got the wristbands, but couldn’t actually get in the place as it was full, even about 40 other standbys got in, but there were still around 20 of us that didn’t.

We were allowed to wait inside and started seeing some of the crew like Yvette, Karl, Cathy and even Paul Ross passed though a few times. People were already leaving even before 7pm, so a few of us standbys got in, more left at around 7:40 and so more standbys got in.

By around 8pm when it all went live, there were about 12 of us left and were able to go and stand near the back to watch Access All Areas as it went out live. By 9:30, we were pretty much all seated due to others leaving or just not getting back in time and losing their seat, which as I’ve said in the previous Most Haunted Live posts, why do they bother turning up if they’re not going to stay for the whole thing?!

Anyway, about half hour from getting back home, the missus asks if I picked my keys up … shit, no. So, got home, called my mum on the phone to ask if she could open the door for us (she was babysitting by the way, it’s not like we would leave the kids on their own and go off out all day), she wasn’t too pleased about that since it was 1:30am BST (the clocks hadn’t gone back yet) and that was that.

Yet another good MHL experience and I’d like to thank the floor staff for getting us in there and enjoying another show, they’re a great friendly crew and are always pleasant and helpful, great work fellas! It’s on until Wednesday 31st, so if you can get Living TV, check it out!