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Most Haunted Live: Halloween

It’s been a while since there was a Most Haunted Live event (just over 5 months compared to the usual 3 months) and I guess it was due to a big lead up to the 5 day Halloween special.

Once again, we have ‘standby tickets’ even though I emailed them before I actually got the notification email from them that tickets were available, saying that though, although we had standby tickets at the last Live event in Bristol, we got seats around 4 rows from the front.

I’d prefer to have proper tickets, but as we’ve learned, it doesn’t make that much difference depending on how many turn up. Being a Saturday may mean we could still get in, but not have particularly good seats, it could also mean that we may not get in or have crappy seats at the back or something.

Anyway, I only go along for the fun of it and to get out and about around the UK, first event we went to was west in Llanelli, last time was south to Bristol and this time it’s north to Cheshire. If the next event is somewhere like Ipswich or Norwich, that would be some strange coincidence… (considering I live in the West Midlands).