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Vanessa Hudgens & Katie Melua on your DS

It’s been a while since I put some R4DS themes together and since I was asked to do a Love Hina one, I could only find one image worthy of making a theme with, so I added it to the newly re-labelled Manga/Anime Skins page.The image you see on the right is of a skin I’ve made out of one of the Vanessa Hudgens pics, no, I won’t make one of the nude photo, so it’s not worth asking. It can be found on the Babes Skins page.

I’d been meaning to add more to the ‘Female Artists’ page and so I’ve made a skin from a Katie Melua picture I had since she’s absolutely gorgeous, you can find the skin available to download on the Female Music Artists Skins page.

I’ll get round to making more soon including one based on the Wii and I’ve got an idea for a Halo 3 sking too, they’ll probably be done at the end of this week if I remember to do them…