Private Practice, we get the message

I need to have a little rant about this as it’s something that’s pissing me off. EVERY fucking episode so far, dopey eyed ego bitch has HAD to mention her credentials. Why? Who really gives a fuck? Have you got something to prove just because you’re a woman or something?

The moment in the image is when Pete says something about her being arrogant and she tries to say she isn’t. Oh do fuck off. She’s the most arrogant character in the program who thinks she’s a God because of being, “one of the top surgeons in the world”. Oh please, if that’s going to happen in every program, people are going to ditch the big-headed bitch and tune in to something else, I’m already pissed off with it and it’s only 3 episodes old.

Please, if anyone with any influence reads this, tell the writers or whoever to stop with the tedious ‘I’m the best’ routine, it’s annoying already and spoils what is potentially a good show. Yes, we understand the ‘relationship’ between Addison and Pete, but for fuck sake, enough with the ego trip every episode.