Is this really spam?

I’m beginning to wonder if these people that use my hotmail address for signing up to sites I’ve never heard of are real people or is some kind of new spam. The latest moron to lose an account on a site they signed up at is…

If you’re wondering why I’ve left the login details there, well, I closed the account, so it shouldn’t work now.

The reason I wonder if it’s spam is due to the username and password. Not many people would put -2 at the end of their name, but I guess that could be an alternative offered by the site, the main thing that makes me a bit suspicious is the password. Why would someone pick such a small and easy to guess password? It doesn’t really make much sense unless the person is an idiot and can’t remember something more unique or even write it down.

Another reason I think it could be spam is that the email used is the same one I’m registered on Xbox Live with, yet I’ve never bought any games from Xbox Live Arcade. XBLA is all about casual games, sites that have been registered using that email address just happen to feature casual games…