Racist Evil 5?

Once again, I was looking through the Tag Surfer here on WordPress and noticed a post by Slant Eye For The Round Eye that mentioned Resident Evil 5 and the apparent racism it promotes through the links provided in the post.

In a typically (and I say typically because 98% of blogs I’ve read by black people* are usually ranting about some race issue and before you say that’s a racist comment, no it’s not, how do you know how many I’ve read? *women) ‘black woman rants’ blog, she basically complains that a white man is going around killing black people. No, not entirely true.

Instead of taking the time to actually understand what the game is about, we get another claim of racism where, to put it bluntly, Kym Platt is a racist.

Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.

Yet, if that’s the case, then why haven’t there been other cases of apparent racism in which people could complain about Dead Rising, there’s a bit of everything in that, they don’t care who or what you are, if you’re a zombie, you get blasted.

I honestly don’t see what the problem is, as comments from both Black Looks and The Village Voice both contain someone saying ‘thank you for keeping racism alive’, it’s plain to see that people really don’t care. Who is being racist? Not the game developers, the black people like Kym Platt that get up on their soapbox and start ranting over something they know little about. As also mentioned in the comments of both sites, what about GTA:SA? The main character is black and has to take over hoods that contain Hispanic and white people, yet you don’t see or hear of anyone complaining about that.

All I can say to people that make a race issue out of everything, grow up and get a life, stop being so petty over stupid things and especially if it’s something you know little about. If you want to cry ‘RACIST’ about anything and everything, do it somewhere off the internet and in your own home where nobody else cares.