PSP M33 CFW Update #2

This was something I meant to blog about yesterday, but forgot to… The M33 team have released an update to their 3.52 custom firmware.

  • Document.dat of psx games were broken due to some important changes in popsman.prx and now is fixed.
  • Plus, now document.dat does not need the same gameid as game which is played.
  • The compatibility issue with irshell loading psx games in usbhost/nethost has been solved.

Changes in recovery:

  1. Removed the advanced config option “use isofs on UMD inserted”, as it is not useful now.
  2. Added “Format flash1 and restore settings” in Advanced.
  3. Added speeds 20 and 100.
  4. When in usb mode inside recovery, it is impossible to turn PSP off.
  • The chineses and korean languages did not work in XMB, because they crashed homebrew and recovery.
  • The issue has been fixed, but korean font is not there, so you need to take it with psardumper from official updater, and put it in flash0:/font/kr0.pgf.
  • M33 driver: fixed SBK07, now it work.

With this release we also [include] a plugin to load pops from 3.40, 3.51, and 3.52. The plugin works in 3.51 M33 and 3.52 M33. In 3.51 M33 you won’t see option “3.51”, and in 3.52 M33 you won’t see option “3.52” (use original from flash for same firmware).


Installation details are in the readme. You can download the update from here. There is a possibility of bricking a PSP if you don’t follow the instructions properly, I hold no responsibility for any fuck ups that may occur, I’m just passing on information and whatnot!