New NiGHTS skins page and Sonic skin

After wondering what kind of skin to do next for the R4DS, I remembered that I had some NiGHTS images that were sitting there doing nothing, so I went and turned them into skins.

There are 5 to select from with another on the way soon as I’ve done 2 featuring NiGHTS, 2 featuring the girl and just 1 of the boy, but I’ve seen an image to make the 2nd boy skin with.

Not only are there some NiGHTS skins, but also a skin based on the DS game Sonic Rush Adventure. Another unique skin that features Sonic holding a DS on the logo screen with an actual screenshot of the game in the background, the icons are from classic Sonic with the Hedgehog as the Game icon, the E102 robot as the media icon and Tails for Slot-2.

The NiGHTS skins can be found on the NiGHTS Skins page, while the Sonic skin can be downloaded from the Game Characters page.