Opera and Firefox, my opinion

I haven’t used Internet Explorer for years because in my opinion, it’s crap. If you want to download lots of images, and due to me being a site admin on Mental Gamers, I tend to download quite a few per week, after a while IE stops saving images as jpg and decides to save every image, no matter what format it originally is, in bitmap (bmp).

For that reason, I’ve used Firefox for around the last 4 years or so (I used Mozilla for about a year or more before that) since it doesn’t suffer from the same affliction and with a couple of small extensions, it’s also that bit more secure. You’ve probably seen or read on the net recently that IE is starting to lose it’s dominance in Europe, that would be due to word getting around about how good Firefox is. It’s easy to use and once you’ve got the hang of it, it can be quite a powerful browser.

Now, I thought I would see what all the fuss about Opera was and so installed it the other day. Despite it being more secure than Firefox (maybe due to Opera’s relatively small userbase?), I don’t see what’s so impressive about it. If there’s one thing I like about it, it’s the Speed Dial thing when you open a new tab, but you can also do that with a Firefox extension. The password thing (known as ‘Wand’) is terrible for filling in your name and password when returning to sites after clearing the browser cache and cookies, I got fed up of having to keep putting my name and password when checking My Yahoo, it hardly seems worth telling it to remember passwords.

The mouse gestures aren’t that special either, nothing a 5 button mouse and a few keyboard shortcuts couldn’t handle. No decent ad blocker is something that also puts me off, yes, I know about the ‘Content Blocker’, but even vanilla Firefox has better blocking capabilities. The widgets don’t really add any extra functionality to Opera, in fact, they don’t add any functionality at all, if I wanted pointless widgets, I’d use the recommended Yahoo Widgets system. A lack of official Google Toolbar is quite disappointing as that would enhance the browser slightly.

In my experience and opinion, Opera just doesn’t ‘do it’ for me for it to be my full time browser. I’ve become accustomed to Firefox over the years with it’s extensions that provide a safer web browsing environment and better functionality and although I’ll still use Opera as an alternative to Internet Explorer (of which I haven’t bothered ‘upgrading’ to IE7 due to it being no more secure than IE6) as it’s basically got no vulnerabilities (at the moment, except maybe something about the bittorrent handling), it will take 2nd place behind Firefox.

Remember, this is just my opinion, it isn’t wrong just because you don’t agree with it. 🙂

{Edit}I posted this in Opera, I’ve just looked at this post in Firefox and there’s a big gap next to the image and the formatting of the text isn’t how it should be, which means that Opera isn’t too WordPress friendly, yet another reason not to make it my default browser. (By the way, I added this edit in Firefox and it seems to have fixed the post automatically.) 😉